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Jason Moss Pro mixer, founder of Behind The Speakers

I remember it well…  

I was hauled up in my garage, staring at the computer screen in my home studio.

After toiling away on a mix for hours, I was finally ready to wrap things up.  

I clicked “bounce,” loaded the final mix onto my iPod (remember those?), plugged in my white earbuds, and took the track for a walk around my garage.  

Things sounded great...or so I thought. But as the final chorus of my masterpiece faded out, my iPod shuffled to a song by Velvet Revolver — one of my favorite bands.  

The intro kicked in and my heart sank.

This song sounded massive — crystal-clear, three-dimensional, totally radio-ready.  

My mix was muddy and thin by comparison. It sounded like an amateur, home studio demo.  

I was crushed. In one moment, I realized how far my track still had to go.

But I was committed to making this mix sound professional. So I sat back down in my cushy office chair, pulled up my DAW again, and tried to figure out where I went wrong.  

Was it my kick drum? I opened a few plugins and made some tweaks. Was it the guitars...should I add more compression?  

After running around in circles for another hour, I began to feel overwhelmed. There were so many plugins to choose from, tons of tips and tactics to try. But I had no sense of direction or purpose — no idea what I was “supposed” to be doing. I started overthinking and second-guessing myself — completely unsure if I was making the right moves. And then it hit me...  

I had no idea how to improve this mix.  

After all my hard work, I wasn’t sure the track sounded any better. In fact, maybe I had made it worse. One thing was for sure — my mix still didn’t hold a candle to the Velvet Revolver song I loved. Demoralized, I shut down my computer and left the room feeling frustrated and confused.

My Mixes Were Missing The Mark, And I Knew It…

I wanted so badly to create mixes that sounded radio-ready and professional. Mixes that could make my listeners feel something — joy, sadness, or the connection that comes from knowing they’re not alone.

But my tracks were missing the mark, and I knew it.

They just didn’t sound the way I wanted them to. And the worst part was, I had no idea how to improve them.  

I felt this way for years. And it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying.

I watched hundreds of YouTube tutorials filled with tips and tactics that promised to solve my mixing problems. I invested thousands of dollars into third-party plugins and gear. And while my mixes were inching forward, they were still far off from where I wanted them to be. 

Closing The Gap: My Path To Pro Mixes

Things didn’t really change for me until I enrolled in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music — a four-year BFA program at New York University. While I was there, I connected with Grammy-winning mixers like Bob Power, Kevin Killen, and Jim Anderson. These guys taught me to think about mixing in a whole new way.  

As I started applying the concepts and principles they taught me, my mixing progress accelerated. The gap between my tracks and my favorite records got smaller and smaller — until there wasn’t any gap at all.

I could now pull up my DAW and consistently create mixes that sounded like the tracks I loved. And I could do this in hours instead of days or weeks. But more importantly, mixing started feeling much more satisfying.

I wasn’t overthinking or second-guessing myself as much, so the process felt more seamless and fluid. I found myself getting lost in the creative flow more often. Time would sink away and I’d completely forget about the stresses and pressures of my daily life. I’d look up hours later and ask myself, “is it really dinnertime already?”

Mixing became a deeply enjoyable and liberating experience for me. And at the end of the day, I’d walk away with a polished, professional track that I was proud to share with the world.

Great Mixes Lead To Great Opportunities

As my mixes continued to level up, my career did too. I signed a management deal and started mixing records for clients around the world — including labels and companies like Disney, Glassnote, and Ultra Music.  

Meanwhile, I was mixing the majority of these tracks in the spare bedroom of my Los Angeles apartment. I was working completely “in the box” — no fancy analog console or outboard gear.

Though my mixing rig only cost me a few thousand dollars, I used it to create tracks that sounded like some of the biggest records out there. You can listen to some of these mixes below:

Along the way, I learned that it’s absolutely possible to create professional-sounding mixes in a home studio. And you don’t need outboard gear, tens of thousands of dollars of acoustic treatment, or expensive plugins to do it.  

Since then, I’ve taught thousands of other home studio owners how to apply the same concepts and principles that transformed my tracks. And many of them are now crafting incredible mixes in modest home studios just like my own.  

Take my student Jamie. After completing Mix By Design and my Virtual Mentor Coaching Program, several of his home studio mixes were featured in major Spotify playlists — including New Music Friday UK, which has over 600,000 followers. These tracks were featured alongside records produced in multi-million-dollar studios, and they don’t sound out of place to me.

Jamie's home studio mix "Release," featured alongside Grammy-nominated artist Andrea Bocelli

I’m thrilled that home studio owners like Jamie are finding success by applying the lessons I now teach. But Jamie’s story isn’t unique. Results like these are absolutely possible for you too.  

Imagine creating mixes that truly sound radio-ready and professional. Mixes that you can feel proud to share with the world. Mixes that stand out, break through the noise, and get noticed in today’s crowded music marketplace. What could that mean for you?  

Could it mean more fans, bigger gigs, better opportunities to share and promote your music? What about real income from your tracks — perhaps even the opportunity to quit your day job and go “full time” doing what you love? Or maybe the attention of industry A-players who can catapult your music to greater and greater levels of success?  

When you invest in the sound of your mixes, you open yourself up to possibilities like these. Just imagine what could be waiting in store for you…


Break through overwhelm, sink into the creative flow, and make your best mixes yet.

Mix By Design is an online training course that will teach you the essential principles, concepts, and strategies you need to craft radio-ready, professional-sounding mixes. This material will help transform your mixing process from frustrating and overwhelming to easy and fun. Apply what you learn and you’ll hear a noticeable improvement in your mixes right away.

The Big-Picture Mixing System: Your Simple, Practical Framework For Better Mixes 

Inside this course, you’ll discover my Big-Picture Mixing System — a faster, easier and more effective way to approach your mixing process. This system is a simple, practical framework that you can immediately apply to elevate any mix. There are a few things that make it unique:

Big-Picture Mixing focuses on concepts and principles, instead of tips and tactics.

Many other mixing systems focus mostly on surface-level tips and tactics. Material like this often creates more overwhelm, because it gives you more things to think about while you’re working on a mix.  

The Big-Picture Mixing System focuses on concepts and principles that underlie the mixing process instead. These ideas make mixing simpler, so you can stop overthinking things and get back into the effortless flow of making music. And since these concepts and principles rest at the core of the mixing process, applying them will create far better results than surface-level tips and tactics alone.

Big-Picture Mixing approaches the mix as a single unit, instead of a collection of separate tracks.

Other mixing systems often approach the process on a track-by-track level (here’s how to mix a’s how to mix a kick). While this might seem helpful, it rarely produces significant results.

In a mix, everything depends on everything else. The right way to approach a kick can (and should) vary based on what the bass sounds like. Vocals need to be treated differently depending on what instruments surround them. A mix is NOT a collection of separate tracks, but a single unit. So we can’t approach each track on its own without considering the context in which it lives.  

To improve our mixes, we need to learn how to step back and consider how each track in our mix relates to the others. This simple shift in mindset can dramatically improve our mixing decisions. My Big-Picture Mixing System will teach you how to make this shift. And since this system is aligned with the correct way to think about the mixing process, it will produce far better results than systems that teach mixing on a track-by-track basis.

Big-Picture Mixing focuses on WHY instead of WHAT.

In many other mixing courses, you only see WHAT to do. For example, a mixer will pull up a session from a song that’s already been mixed and show you the settings they used on each track.  

It’s tempting to feel like this is what you need. In reality, every mix requires a different approach, and copying settings from one mix and applying them to another never works.  

That’s why my Big-Picture Mixing System focuses on the reasoning and mindset (the WHY) behind the mixing process instead. Rather than just showing you the settings I use (the WHAT), I teach you the underlying principles and concepts that lead me to make certain decisions.  

This method of teaching will provide you with a flexible workflow and practical strategies that you can truly apply to any mix you work on. It will also give you the freedom to explore your own creativity and develop a unique sound without feeling constrained by specific settings someone else said you should use.

What’s Inside?

Mix By Design is an on-demand, online video training course. The material features tons of demos in my DAW, so you can see exactly how to apply what you learn.

You can access the course whenever you’re available and go through it at your own pace. You also get lifetime access, so you can always go back and revisit the training later. Feeling stuck while working on mix? Just pull up a module or lesson, and you’ll quickly rediscover essential concepts and principles that will help you break through overwhelm and escape from your mixing rut.

The course itself consists of four modules. You can download a complete course outline here.

Module 1: Mindset

Discover a better way to think about the mixing process. Featuring...  

  • The “Mute Button Method” — a simple, 3-step technique you can use to clear up a muddy mix in 60 seconds or less
  • The Bob Power notebook trick — this Grammy-winner’s secret technique can save you 1 - 2 hours during every mix
  • The “Mixing Loop” — a simple, four-step framework you can apply to take any mix from start to finish
  • The most dangerous button in your DAW, and why avoiding it can instantly improve your mixes
  • The “Core Track Triangle” — a powerful principle that will help you build a solid foundation in almost any mix

Module 2: Prep

Learn how to set up your sessions for mixing success. Featuring...  

  • A simple, step-by-step session prep process that can reduce overwhelm and help you stay in the creative flow while mixing
  • My powerful “track priming” approach, which can immediately make mixing easier and more manageable
  • “Sweep and Destroy” — a simple EQ technique that can minimize muddiness and add clarity to your tracks before you even start mixing

Module 3: Workflow

Discover the most efficient, effective way to move through a mix. Featuring...  

  • A weird, backwards mixing workflow that can help you feel more inspired and motivated throughout the mixing process
  • The “Concentric Circles” framework, which can help you break through mixing frustration and get to the finish line faster
  • 4 key strategies for starting a mix, and the specific one I recommend for best results
  • How to build a “song arc” that will take your listeners on an emotional roller-coaster ride
  • The “Blind Bypass Technique” — a little-known method for sidestepping most major mixing mistakes
  • 6 specific plugin recommendations, so you can save money and ensure you have the best tools for the job

Module 4: Mix

Watch as I mix the song “Everything Gets Old” by Dylan Owen in realtime from start to finish.

You won’t find this unique method of training in many other mixing courses. The “other guys” often just walk you through a session from a song that’s already been mixed. You only see WHAT they did, not WHY or WHEN they did it. This is about as useful as trying to learn how to paint by looking at a finished painting.  

The realtime mixing process featured in Module 4 offers you a far better learning experience. Inside, you’ll see exactly how to apply the lessons we covered in Modules 1 - 3. This will help you internalize the concepts and principles you discovered in a deeper way, so you can apply them with clarity and confidence in your own mixing process.

You can listen to the song I'll be mixing below:

PS — don’t like this song or make music in a different genre? Remember that the song I’m mixing isn’t what’s important. In fact, it’s only there to help me demonstrate the mixing process in action. 

What’s important is what you’ll walk away with — principles, techniques, and strategies you can apply to improve your own mixes. This is the stuff you really need, and you’ll get it whether you like the song I’m mixing or not. And since these mixing concepts are universal, they can be applied to any genre of music you work on.

So even if you don’t like the song I’m mixing here or make music in a different genre, you’ll still walk away with tons of practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to improve your own tracks.

Plus $200+ Of Bonus Content Included For Free

  • Million-Dollar Monitoring eBook — a simple, 3-step process you can apply to optimize your home studio monitoring system for the best possible sound ($70 value)
  • Q&A Webinar Vault — in-depth answers to over 200 common mixing questions ($150 value)
  • Multitracks for Dylan Owen’s song “Everything Gets Old” — hone your skills and mix the song yourself (you can even feature it in your portfolio) ($10 value)
  • Hands-on email support — get a direct reply from me with answers to your biggest mixing questions

Over 400 Students Have Enrolled In Mix By Design. Here's What Some Of Them Are Saying...

Some of the students featured above were also enrolled in my other training programs. While their comments were primarily directed towards Mix By Design, the results they achieved may be partially credited to the combined impact of these training programs.

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  • Million-Dollar Monitoring eBook
  • Q&A Vault
  • Hands-on email support
  • 3 pages of in-depth feedback on three of your mixes
  • Bonus Vocal Mixing Masterclass training ($100 value) [what is this?]

Some People Choose To Stay Stuck, While Others Choose To Take Action.

I can still remember what it felt like to struggle with the mixing process.  

To hear a sound in my head but have no idea how to bring it to life.  

To KNOW that my music had the potential to move and inspire listeners…  

But to constantly fall short when it came to bringing that vision to life.  

It took me years to break through my mixing rut.  

Years of comparing my mixes to my favorite records and wondering what I was missing, searching YouTube for answers and watching tutorials that rarely delivered.  

You don’t have to follow in my footsteps.

With the right resources, you can accelerate your progress and get on the fast track to mixing success. Take this path and you can reach your goals much faster than I did.

Or you could keep trying to figure it out on your own. But as Albert Einstein once said…  

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”  

Are you happy with the results you’ve achieved?  

If not, it may be time to approach things differently. To seek guidance and support from someone who’s been there and found a way to make it through. To invest in the training that can help you master the mixing process, so you can make your best-sounding mixes yet.  

Mix By Design will help you get there.  

Inside, you’ll discover powerful mindsets and strategies that will help you break through overwhelm and frustration, mix with more clarity and confidence, and create tracks that sound more professional today. Over time, training like this can transform your mixing process into an effortless flow — so you can get lost in the joy of making music whenever you want. And along the way, you’ll discover the keys to creating tracks that move and inspire listeners around the world, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

Once you learn these things, no one can ever take them away from you. They’re yours for life.  

If you’re ready to get on the fast track to mixing success, I hope you’ll choose to join me.  

I’m here to help and support you every step of the way.