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How To Add Impact To Your Song’s Chorus (Live Mixing Demo)

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Keep watching to learn how to add impact to your song’s chorus.

Hey, it’s Jason here from Behind The Speakers and before we dive in, make sure you grab my free e-book “35 mixing mistakes you don’t know you’re making” by clicking the link above or in the description below.

Now I’m about to play a clip from a live mixing session that I recently hosted, and inside this clip you’ll watch me use a sample to add impact to a chorus. Let’s take a look.

This chorus just doesn’t really feel like it arrives right now and I’m not quite sure how to make that happen.

♪ Know how paradise feels like. Yeah. ♪

It kind of feels like we’re like falling into the chorus, but we don’t really feel like it kind of hits. So one thing I’m going to try is see if we can cut everything out right before the chorus. Let’s try that.

♪ So then I’ll never know what paradise feels. Yeah. ♪

No, that’s not really doing what I want.

♪ Know what paradise feels like. Yeah. ♪

I was thinking it was the crowd noise, but even when I turned it down it still just doesn’t, it doesn’t feel like it arrives, so I’m going to see if I can pull in one of my samples. I have some impact sounds.

*impact sounds playing*

I’m going to just try to bring a couple of these in and see if any of them do what I want to. I know these sound like ridiculous on their own, but in the mix it often works really well. So, I brought in three different sounds. We’ll see if any of these do what I want them to.

So, the first thing I’m going to do is just drag these over to where the chorus actually hits. I’m not really looking for something leading up to the chorus. I want something right on that downbeat. That’s what I’m really looking for. So that’s why I’m not really looking for like a reverse cymbal kind of like heading up to the chorus, it’s more so like right when that chorus hits. Whoops. Let’s figure out where the chorus is first, that might be a good idea.

♪ Never know what paradise feels like. ♪

Let’s drag these over here. I’m just going to group these all and turn them down.

♪ Never know what paradise feels like. Yeah. ♪

♪ So then I’ll never know what paradise feels like. ♪

I’m going to move this up near the kick so I can line these all up.

I’m just going to play these different ones and see if one of them kind of works better than the other.

♪ Yeah. Well everything…. ♪

That kind of worked.

No, I don’t really like the clap. That second one I actually really like.

The first one is really cool too. Which one do you guys like better? I think the second one is better.

Let’s take a listen before and then after.

♪ So then I’ll never know what paradise feels like. Yeah ♪

♪ Well everything gets old. ♪

So that’s without the impact.

♪ So then I’ll never know what paradise feels like. Yeah, well everything gets old. ♪

Guys! It works! It really works! I love when you do stuff like that and it just makes things better.

I hope you found that clip helpful. And if you want to dive deeper, I recommend you download my free e-book “35 mixing mistakes you don’t know you’re making”.

This e-book will help you avoid the biggest mixing mistakes so you can make mixes that sound radio ready and professional. Click the link above or in the description below to download this free e-book right now. And before you go leave a comment below this video and let me know how do you add impact to your choruses. I’d love to hear from you. So, leave your answer in the comments section below. And for more mixing videos like this one, subscribe to my YouTube channel right here or go to