300+ Free Multitracks For Mixing Practice

Looking to hone your mixing chops with some fresh multitracks? Download a few from the list below!

Free Multitracks

Mike Senior’s Mixing Secrets Library

Over 200 multitracks that span every genre imaginable – from pop to stoner rock, big band to death metal. One of the best collections around.

Multitracks from Telefunken

A variety of live and studio recordings made exclusively with Telefunken microphones. If you’re looking to cut your teeth on tracks that feature live instrumentation, this is a great place to start.

Shaking Through

An exceptional collection of indie-rock multitracks. Sign up for a free account to download the multitrack from their latest episode. Paying members get access to over 50 more!

David Glenn’s Newsletter

Sign up for David’s newsletter and you’ll get two free multitracks. Here are a few more from David:


A forum where members frequently post multitracks for mixing contests. There’s a lot of great content floating around here!

HomeRecording.com’s Mix This! Forum

Lots of member-posted multitracks spanning a wide variety of genres. Similar to MixOff.com.

Indaba Music

Keep an eye out for mixing contests hosted by Pensado’s Place, PureMix, and Telefunken. While most of the multitracks for past contests are no longer available, you can often snag a few from contests that have recently ended or are currently active.


While most of the multitracks are behind a paywall, there are a few freebies, including:

Premium Multitracks

The Pro Audio Files

A membership will get you 10+ multitracks, along with fantastic tutorials from some of the best mixers around.

The Mix Academy

David Glenn’s membership site offers one multitrack per month. You can even use these for your portfolio!

Dueling Mixes

Sign up for Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder’s membership site, and you’ll get one multitrack per month. You can also use these in your portfolio!

Nail The Mix

Get two multitracks when you sign up, and one a month going forward!

Matthew Weiss’ Mixthru Tutorials

All of Matthew’s Mixthru tutorials come with multitracks.

Modern Mixing Library

20+ premium multitracks that you can purchase and download a la carte. Prices range from $9 – $19 each.


A membership will get you access to multitracks from past and current mixing contests (currently 10+ multitracks), as well as multitracks from some of Fab’s tutorial videos.

Shaking Through

Sign up for a membership, and you’ll get 50+ fantastic indie-rock multitracks (along with recording notes, exclusive videos, and more).


A single rock multitrack for $5. Doesn’t get more basic than this.

Ken Lewis’ Audio School Online

Multitracks are included with many of Ken’s tutorial videos.

Home Studio Center

A variety of multitracks for $15/each.

Did I miss something? If so, add a link in the comments section below!