Mixing Vocals: 5 Powerful, Little-Known Tricks For A Killer Sound [Video]

Hey! This is Jason Moss from BehindTheSpeakers.com. Today I want to show you 5 powerful, little-known vocal mixing tricks that are gonna help you take your vocals from good to great. So this first one I call kick up the consonants. Now, the consonants in a vocal—the “k” and “p” and those initial transient sounds—are…

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Mixing Bass And Kick: 3 Simple Strategies To Eliminate Competition

Listening to your favorite records drives you crazy. The kicks always sound tight and punchy. But the bass lines are thick and solid too. In your tracks, that seems impossible to achieve. You’ve watched all the YouTube videos. You’ve bought all the plugins. But regardless of what you try, you can’t get the bass and kick to fit together. Sound familiar? Don’t worry!…

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Vocal mixing tip—don't forget a pop filter!

Vocal Mixing Tip: How To Easily Find The Perfect Balance

You’re nearing the finish line on your latest mix. The drums are massive. The guitars have balls. And that spot delay you spent three days crafting actually sounds pretty cool. But then…it hits you. Could the vocal be too quiet? You check a few references. Maybe a dB louder… You inch the fader up. Eh…now it’s too loud, right? You…

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10 Easy Ways To Use Reverb Like A Pro

Reverb is one of the trickiest tools to understand. It took me years to learn how to use it properly. You can use reverb to add depth and dimension to your mixes. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can quickly turn them into a muddy mess. If you know the basics, but are still struggling to master reverb,…

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FabFilter Pro-L Trick

How To Make Music Louder Without Destroying It

The loudness war is ending, but the obsession lives on. While the quest for loudness isn’t the frenzy it once was, knowing how to get there still matters. If you’re trying to make music louder without sacrificing impact, clarity, and dynamics, the following tips will help. Disclaimer I spend very little time worrying about loudness, and it’s been ages…

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How To Make Your Mixes Sound Great On Small Speakers

It’s the end of a long day, and your mix sounds slammin’. The 808 is shaking the floor. The kick hits you in the chest. The bass sounds monstrous. You lean back in your cushy office chair and smile. “Dave Pensado has nothing on me,” you conclude. “Should I call Mix Magazine for an interview?” But before clicking bounce,…

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11 Easy Ways To Fix Poorly Recorded Tracks

There’s nothing better than mixing perfectly recorded tracks. Mixing feels effortless. You feel like a rockstar. And you finish the job in half the time. While we all dream of days like these, they rarely happen. In reality, we often fix as much as we mix. Here are my favorite ways to fix poorly recorded tracks. These techniques will…

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6 Easy Ways To Eliminate Phase Cancellation In Your Mixes

Phase cancellation is the silent killer of great mixes. It destroys impact and obliterates low end. It makes tracks sound thin and lifeless, or causes them to disappear entirely. But most of all, it’s seriously frustrating. (If you’ve ever wondered why a kick still sounds wimpy after adding 18 dB at 60 Hz, you know the feeling.) I won’t be covering the basics of phase here, as you…

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11 Best Ways To Become A Better Mixer In 2017

Your inbox is still stuffed with Black Friday deals… The size of your plugin folder has doubled overnight… And your bank account is empty (yet again). Sounds like the end of another year. Holy crap…right? But let me ask you an honest question. This past year, did the quality of your mixes actually improve? Did mixing get any…

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